IoT Day at Russian Week of High Technologies 2023

12 / 04 / 2023

The Sviaz 2023 exhibition held within the Russian Week of High Technologies featured the Russian Day of Internet of Things IoT&IIoT Day 2023 for the sixth time. It was organised by EXPOCENTRE AO, the Internet of Things Association, and ANO Data Economy.

The event ran in a marathon format. All speeches were aimed at a wide range of automation specialists, vendors, technical specialists and business practitioners.

The key topics of IoT&IIoT Day 2023 were IoT platforms in industry, IoT standards, and use of IoT technologies in various fields.

Andrey Kolesnikov, Director of the Internet of Things Association, conducted the conference. The speakers shared practical cases of applying IoT solutions, summed up the year and made predictions for 2023, talked about trends in digital platforms and this years solutions, and presented Russian communications technology for industrial data collection systems.

Maxim Chernov, IT Infrastructure Area Director of ANO Data Economy told what was happening with the Internet of Things in Russia.

According to official data, the number of SIM cards used for the Internet of Things increased by 11%. It took a year to restructure logistics: deliveries resumed, but became more difficult, and in some channels, more expensive. But nevertheless the situation has stabilised. Foreigners left abandoning all Russian industrialists, and in connection with this, the replacement process began very quickly. From the roadmaps adopted by the Russian government, it is clear that the Internet of Things is highlighted in projects. Most of the software and products make up the Internet of Things. We hope these projects will give growth to the market. And maybe 2024 will be more optimistic in terms of revenue.

Ivan Kuzmenko, a representative of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, spoke about support mechanisms. The Ministry of Industry and Trade actively supports all areas related to the Internet of Things, guided by two principles: substitution and advancement. One of the important mechanisms, according to the speaker, is financial support from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, which includes, first of all, compensation of costs of digital platforms aimed at industrial output. 96 projects are being developed under this measure of support. 40% of the enterprises have already received compensation.

Andrey Bakumenko, Deputy General Director of WAVIoT, the general sponsor of the conference, spoke about solutions for the Internet of Things based on NB-Fi technology and about automated industrial data collection systems from WAVIoT.

The participants in the marathon were Lyudmila Pleshcheeva from ER-Telecom, Nikita Utkin from TC-194, Vitaly Rybkov from Smarts, and other representatives of telecommunications companies.

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