Why participate

Why participate in the Russian Week of High Technologies?

Increase sales

  • Attract new clients
  • Retain existing customers
  • Resume relations with lost customers
  • Interact with clients of your competitors

Raise brand awareness

  • Give advertising exposure to your target audience
  • Increase awareness and memorability of your brand

Build positive company image

  • Create and keep reputation of a successful and reliable company
  • Market your company as the industry leader
  • Demonstrate industry expertise

Ensure business development

  • Establish contacts with the right people, find new partners, see government representatives face-to-face
  • Evaluate competitors and analyze the market
  • Get ideas for development of your products, services and business
The exhibitors have 350 talks on average over 4 days. Some even have up to 1,000!

High ROI


Exhibitors reached their goals related to generation of sales leads


Exhibitors reached their goals related to search for buyers and sales


Exhibitors reached their goals related to promotion of their products and services

Professionals trust us


Exhibitors would recommend Sviaz to their business partners and peers


Exhibitors are already planning their participation in Sviaz 2020

18 125 visitors from 64 countries
79 regions and 320 cities of Russia

Visitor profil

Visitor core business

Unique attendance


First-time visitors


Visitors attend Sviaz exclusively. You wont meet them at other trade shows

Target audience


Exhibitors are satisfied with the number of sales leads


Exhibitors are satisfied with the quality of sales leads


Visitors plan to make purchases as a result of their visit to Russian Week of High Technologies


Visitors reached their goals related to search or suppliers


Visitors are purchasing decision makers or influencers