Feedback from exhibitors and visitors

Vladimir Kononov, Chair at the Russian State Duma Committee on Science and Higher Education, Chair at the NTI Expo Organising Committe

Russian Week of High Technologies is our regular series of events, which is part of the NTI Expo project. This is the 7th edition of RWHT. Its key event is the Russian Software Forum: Effective Solutions for the Digital Economy. The community of IT professionals is getting stronger. The software products that these guys make are getting more interesting. All this is being introduced into industry, agriculture, and other sectors of Russia's economy. This year Sviaz welcomes a lot of exhibitors. There are interesting stands here. I would like to wish all the Sviaz participants every success.

Konstantin Lukin, CEO at Supertel

If we work with you in telecom, we have to be at Sviaz. Now more than ever, it is the field of telecommunications that defines technological sovereignty, not only in telecommunications, but technological sovereignty as a whole, because without telecommunications the digital economy does not exist. We have been exhibiting at Sviaz for 30 years. The popularity of the show has grown, and the number of engineering professionals in attendance has increased. This confirms that the show is becoming the dominant structure that the industry needs.

Vladimir Tereshchkov, CEO at T8

This year, T8 showed new systems that are capable of transmitting information at high speed, with high reliability and high quality. We have the busiest pavilion, and a huge number of customers. Now there is a chance for Russian companies to do something real. Sviaz shows equipment which allows practically the whole world to talk at the same time. Here you can see world-class systems made in Russia.

Vadim Pavlov, Director of the Agency of Technologic Development of the Ulyanovsk Oblast

The delegation of the Ulyanovsk region is taking part in Sviaz for the fourth consecutive year. Leading IT companies of the Ulyanovsk region present their digital solutions and projects. Their range is very diverse, from solutions in the field of automation of industrial enterprises to artificial intelligence technology. The number of contacts and agreements reached as a result of their participation in the show grows from year to year, and this means that the efficiency of participation increases.

Nikolay Kislyakov, Commercial Director at Fibo

This is the second time we have exhibited at Sviaz. Last year we enjoyed it very much. The show always gives good contacts, which allows us to get feedback from clients and introduce new products. We ensure that our products are compatible with Cisco, with Juniper, and with Extreme switches. Customers who have a need for vendor equipment are getting what they need with our help.

Aleksey Bogatyrev, Advisor to CEO at Safir LLC

The Centre for Trade Development in Science and Technology Industries of the Islamic Republic of Iran is represented at Sviaz 2023 with a separate stand. It features a number of Iranian companies that have achieved the most outstanding success in their country. They are happy to cooperate with Sviaz 2023 and take advantage of opportunities to find new partners, new technological opportunities, and new markets for Iranian manufacturers and developers.

Alisa Volk, programming engineer, representative of IMAQLIQ

This is not the first time we have come to this show. But this is the first time we see such a huge number of exhibitors. Two pavilions are completely packed with new companies. You can meet and get to know both representatives of Russian companies and our foreign colleagues. This is a unique opportunity to gain new experience, connections, networking, a great opportunity to get new orders, get to know each other better, listen to reports from very interesting speakers, who represent the main positions in our industry.

Mikhail Shevchuk, Deputy CEO for Quality at Iskrauraltel

Sviaz is a regular event for us. It is the main event for telecommunications companies in Russia. The main manufacturers, main suppliers, and all the latest technologies and Russian developments are presented here. The show is held at a high level. We always take part in it with great pleasure.

Ivan Cherkasets, Product Manager of the Technical Department at the Protei Research and Technology Center

Sviaz offers not only business networking but also interesting new acquaintances and new solutions. We present both our classic solutions and modern developments for building LTE networks. Come on in, we will grow together.