The IT&Digital Directors Club and expert discussions at Sviaz 2022

28 / 04 / 2022

A meeting of the IT&Digital Directors Club took place within Sviaz 2022, held as part of Russian Week of High Technologies at EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds. The event was organised ibn partnership with EXPOCENTRE AO.

Business analyst Maxim Chasovikov moderated the meeting. He spoke in detail about the activities of the club, which is now more than 10 years old. Today, the club community brings together over 1,000 active members from across Russia, including heads of IT departments of different companies, digitalization leaders, data management services, and directors of information security.

Alexander Shevchenko, Deputy General Director for Information Technologies of AP Voskhod, who spoke at the club meeting, shared his experience of using a Russian telephony vendor. At the same time, he noted that import substitution, given the current political situation in the world, is a critical issue for many enterprises, the smooth operation of their IT structures, as foreign vendors of software, network equipment are leaving the Russian market.

Experts from Rostelecom, Rosvodokanal and other companies spoke at the meeting about resilience of IT teams and working with employees in the conditions of uncertainty, and about organising project management.

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Today, Russian Week of High Technologies has also featured a series of thematic discussions. Many industry experts highlighted the Conference on Telecom Infrastructure 2022. The Future of Communication Networks and Facilities in Russia. Its organisers TMT Conference operator, Telesputnik and Telecom Daily have chosen to devote this year's event to the work of communication operators in the new economic conditions and the search for ways and solutions that will allow telecommunication networks in Russia to function and develop successfully in the near future.

The discussion was devoted to the new challenges faced by Russian terrestrial telecom operators as a result of foreign sanctions, as well as the relevant measures to support the Russian telecom industry from the state and the ways to ensure its technological sovereignty. In a face-to-face dialogue, market experts discussed technological and business aspects of operators' activities under the new conditions and real opportunities for import substitution at various network levels from the core to the last mile.

The Telecom Infrastructure 2022 discussion brought together technical directors and specialists from Russian federal, regional and b2b operators for the design, development and operation of telecom networks, as well as developers and vendors of hardware and software solutions for building and developing telecommunications infrastructure.

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO