Last year the Russian Government approved the program Digital Economy of the Russian Federation. The program covers five areas related to regulations, cyber security, education and HR, development of research competences, and IT infrastructure. In the beginning of May President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed the decree according to which the Government should submit national programs in different areas including digital economy by October, 1.

Digital transformation is impossible without IT while collection, protection, minimum delay transfer and processing of giant data sets require a new strong telecommunications infrastructure. It includes telecom networks, data centres, software and digital technology platforms. The global trends show that the 5G technology and the Internet of Things will be one of the pillars of digital economy.

The Russian telecommunications industry faces new global challenges connected with digital transformation that has started in all sectors of economy. Industry 4.0 is already our reality.

The Russian Week of High Technologies serves as an intersectoral platform to create and develop infrastructure of the digital economy of Russia.

Supporting events:

  • The 13th International Navigation Forum
  • The Rossvyaz Enlarged Meeting
  • The Forum on Russian Software: Effective Solutions
  • Conference on Digital Transformation of Telecom Industry: Strategy 2024
  • The Conference on IoT: Digital Future
  • The Conference on Data Center: the Data Center and Cloud Computing Market in Russia
  • The International Forum of the International Telecommunication Academy
  • The Conference for Service Providers
  • Conference Implementation practice of digital technologies in the industrial enterprises
  • The TeleMultiMedia Forum: the Present and Future of Media Consumption in Russia and Worldwide

These and other events form the basis of the supporting program of RWHT 2019, a platform for everybody who creates and introduces innovations in the ICT industry.

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