IoT: Digital Future

On July 5, 2022, MTS PJSC shared the results of its IoT market research and identified the trends and industries that will most actively use the Internet of Things in the next three years. MTS forecasts that about 25% of all IoT devices in Russia will be connected via eSIM by the end of 2025, by the end of 2022 this share will be only 7%.

The global IoT market reached $158bn in 2022, the IoT market in Russia was worth 148.5bn, according to analysts. (The markets are estimated taking into account data services, hardware and software).

The average annual growth rate of the IoT market in Russia will be 12% after a decline in 2022, and the market itself could grow to 208.5 billion rubles by 2026.

According to

41% of visitors to the exhibition sector were newcomers at the Sviaz exhibition

Main industry sectors of visitors:

  • Telecommunication services
  • Development and production of software/IT equipment, telecom equipment
  • Development/production of IT equipment, electronic components, telecom equipment
  • Software development
  • Integration and maintenance of IT solutions
  • System integration
  • Sale of software/IT equipment, electronic components, telecom equipment
  • Setup/maintenance of IT equipment/solutions, telecom equipment
  • Wholesale
  • Industrial production
  • Provider of universal telecommunication services
  • Mobile service provider
  • Internet provider
  • Oil and gas industry, fuel and energy industry
  • Transport
  • Construction

Job title / occupation

Role in choosing suppliers

Top 3 sectors that the visitors are also interested in:

  • Telecom equipment, technology, solutions and services
  • Digital environment and innovations
  • Data networks

2,211 visitors were interested in IoT in 2022.