Radio communication

Radio communication is actively used where fixed or cellular communications are absent or their application is unreasonable due to technical or economic reasons.

Radio communications are widely used in the oil and gas sector and mining, power energy when maintaining electrical grids and remote power facilities, environment protection, and emergency services.

Centralized radio control systems are actively applied in transport terminals, ports and airports, at industrial enterprises including those where work is characterized by high risk for population and environment.

Product sectors:

  • digital radio and repeaters
  • professional radio and repeaters
  • license free radio
  • explosion-proof radio
  • vehicle radio
  • aviation radio
  • sea and river radio
  • transceivers
  • cables and plugs
  • remote control units and modems
  • aerial-feeder equipment
    • antennas for basic equipment
    • filters and duplex filters
    • combiners
    • receiving and distributing boards and amplifiers
  • centralized radio control systems
    • subscriber equipment and accessories
    • base stations and IP gateways
    • workstations
  • batteries and charging devices
  • accessories

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