Mobile Communication

Product sectors:

  • mobile network systems and equipment;
  • infrastructure equipment for cellular communication;
  • antenna amplifiers, repeaters, remote access points for cellular networks, cellular gateways (GSM gateways);
  • Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) equipment;
  • PMR infrastructure equipment;
  • portable and vehicle-carried subscriber terminals (radio stations) PMR including GSM-R terminals;
  • infrastructure equipment for DECT and other micro-cellular networks;
  • base stations.

47% of visitors to the exhibition sector were newcomers at the Sviaz exhibition

Main industry sectors of visitors:

  • Telecommunication services
  • Other
  • Development/production of IT equipment, electronic components, telecom equipment
  • Development and production of software/IT equipment, telecom equipment
  • Setup/maintenance of IT equipment/solutions, telecom equipment
  • System integration
  • Sale of software/IT equipment, electronic components, telecom equipment
  • Integration and maintenance of IT solutions
  • Mobile service provider
  • Wholesale
  • Industrial production
  • Software development
  • Oil and gas industry, fuel and energy industry

Job title / occupation

Role in choosing suppliers

Top 3 sectors that the visitors are also interested in:

  • Telecom equipment, technology, solutions and services
  • Data networks
  • Telecom and network infrastructure

1,742 visitors were interested in the sector Mobile communication in 2022