Number and profile of visitors

812 visitors to Sviaz 2023 were interested in this section
65% of them were newcomers at the Sviaz exhibition

Main industry sectors of visitors:

  • Provider of universal telecommunication services
  • System integration
  • Software development
  • Development and production of software, IT and telecom equipment
  • Setup and maintenance of IT and telecom equipment
  • Sale of IT equipment, electronic components, telecom equipment, software
  • Industrial production
  • Public administration
  • Production of IT equipment
  • Internet provider
  • Transport
  • Wholesale
  • Mobile service provider
  • Production of telecom equipment
  • Power industry
  • Oil and gas industry, fuel and energy sector
  • Finances
  • Automation
  • Law enforcement

Job title / occupation

Role in choosing suppliers

Top 3 sectors that the visitors are also interested in:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital environment and innovations
  • IoT Tech