Radio communication is actively used where fixed or cellular communications are absent or their application is unreasonable due to technical or economic reasons.

Radio communications are widely used in the oil and gas sector and mining, power energy when maintaining electrical grids and remote power facilities, environment protection, and emergency services.

Centralized radio control systems are actively applied in transport terminals, ports and airports, at industrial enterprises including those where work is characterized by high risk for population and environment.

Product sectors:

  • digital radio and repeaters
  • professional radio and repeaters
  • license free radio
  • explosion-proof radio
  • vehicle radio
  • aviation radio
  • sea and river radio
  • transceivers
  • cables and plugs
  • remote control units and modems
  • aerial-feeder equipment
    • antennas for basic equipment
    • filters and duplex filters
    • combiners
    • receiving and distributing boards and amplifiers
  • centralized radio control systems
    • subscriber equipment and accessories
    • base stations and IP gateways
    • workstations
  • batteries and charging devices
  • accessories

Radio Communications exhibitors in 2018

SATEL OY (Finland) Telrad (Israel) Micran (Tomsk, Russia)
Radio Research and Development Institute (NIIR) (Moscow, Russia) Pulsar-Telecom (Penza, Russia) Radian (SPB) (St. Petersburg, Russia)
RadioComm Technologies (Korolyov, Russia)    


  • 19,000 professional visitors from 68 countries and 365 Russian cities
  • 3,866 professionals were interested in the Radio Communications sector

Qualified visitors:

2,895 CEOs
3,100 top managers

Each second visitor is a buyer

46% came to the Russian Week of High Technologies to make procurements and search for suppliers

New customers:

39% were first-time visitors to Sviaz 2018

Visitors are key corporate consumers:

  • more than 800 telecom providers including those of federal importance such as VimpelCom / Beeline, Rostelecom, MTS, MegaFon, Tele2, Yota4
  • 14 Russias major system integrators;
  • leading government customers of telecom equipment such as the Russian Ministry for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters, the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Russian Ministry of Defence, and the Russian Federal Security Service.

Visitor job title:

  • CEOs 16%;
  • Top executives 17%;
  • Mid-level executives 19%;
  • Engineers 17%;
  • Managers, specialists 15%;
  • Others 16%.

Why participate in the Russian Week of High Technologies?

Increase sales

  • Attract new clients
  • Retain existing customers
  • Resume relations with lost customers
  • Interact with clients of your competitors

Raise brand awareness

  • Give advertising exposure to your target audience
  • Increase awareness and memorability of your brand

Build positive company image

  • Create and keep reputation of a successful and reliable company
  • Market your company as the industry leader
  • Demonstrate industry expertise

Ensure business development

  • Establish contacts with the right people, find new partners, see government representatives face-to-face
  • Evaluate competitors and analyze the market
  • Get ideas for development of your products, services and business

The exhibitors have 350 talks on average over 4 days.
Some even have up to 1,000!