POSTEX Salon will be presented at Sviaz-Expocomm International Exhibition organized by Expocentre in cooperation with E. J. Krause & Associates, Inc. with active support of the Federal Communications Agency (Rossvyaz).

POSTEX participants are suppliers of equipment and engineering solutions, private postal operators, express delivery operators, direct mail agencies, i.e. the entire postal business community, which provides stable communications in both B2B and B2C markets.

Key topics of POSTEX Salon:

  1. Engineering solutions and equipment:
    • Solutions for automated transfer and mailing systems
    • Self-mailing equipment
    • Postal packaging solutions
    • Franking systems
    • Preliminary mail handling equipment
    • Mail sorting units
    • Scanners, data terminals
    • Mail routing data transmission via mobile technologies
    • Optical character recognition systems
    • Loading/unloading systems
    • Mail screeners
    • Mobile storage equipment (racks, containers, carts)
    • Terminal equipment Automated Parcel terminals etc.
  2. Mail service operators
  3. E-Commerce logistics
  4. Direct mail agencies

We thank you for the interest in the project. We offer you several forms of participation in the exhibition:

  1. Participation with a stand.
  2. Participation in the interactive presentation zone, including organization of a show.

With the effective participation of the Russian Association for electronic communications (RAEC) a conference block devoted to E-Commerce/Mail and postal services delivery will be a part of Sviaz-Expocomm International Exhibition business program. POSTEX advertising campaign will get wide media coverage and attract highly qualified experts and specialists in the field of private and public mailings.

Project Manager: Yulia Vasyuta

Tel. +7 (499) 795-29-55