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In July 2017 the Digital Economy of the Russian Federation program was approved by the Russian Government. One of the program highlights is building up the infrastructure necessary for development and operation of digital economy. These are telecommunications, data centres (DC), Internet access, and software.
The Russian Week of High Technologies serves as a cross-sectoral platform for creation and development of the infrastructure of digital economy in Russia.
The main topic of the Russian Week of High Technologies will be digital transformation.
In preparation for the Week there will be held a series of industry conferences with representatives of federal ministries and departments, centres of excellence, businessmen and industry experts.

Supporting events of the Russian Week of High Technologies 2018:

  • Big Media Communication Forum

  • Business Forum: The Founding Stone of Digital Transformation: State, Society, Business

  • Rossvyaz Enlarged Meeting on Results of 2017

  • International Conference “TeleMultiMedia Forum 2018: the Present and Future of Media Consumption in Russia and the World”

  • Meeting of the Expert Council on Scientific and Technological Development and Intellectual Property under the Russian State Duma Committee on Education and Science

  • 12th International Navigation Forum

The supporting program is under development.
Information will be updated. Follow the news.

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